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Church Notes
First Missionary Baptist Church Warsaw


This is an outreach ministry that will serve the sick and shut in of our church and community.

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus through Prayer, Scripture and concern.
Bringing the Message of Jesus and his undying love for them, is one way we can show our Love.

If you have a love one or know of someone, that needs our service, 
Please let us know.

Please contact:
Marie Dixon 910-296-0965

Thanks to all you who made contributions to the foster children birthday boxes.  The foster children who have received gifts for their birthday, were grateful for your contributions.  

The Duplin County Department of Social Services is still accepting  contributions.  Contributions can be given to Chasity Brinson.  May God bless you for your giving heart!

Please support our youth by placing an order for 
church T-shirts. Choice of colors are gold, gray,  
light blue and Royal Blue.  Prices are small, medium and large $12.00. X-large and XX-large $13.00
and XXX-large or greater $14.00.

Let's keep our sick and shut in
Church Members in our daily prayers

                      LUTHER ALLEN                    MARY G. BEST
                      GLORIA BOWDEN                ESTHER CARLTON
                      MARY CARLTON                  JAMES HILL
                      MARGARET McIVER            JOHN S. WILLIAMS
                      SWANELLA WIGGINS           WILLIE GAVIN
                      DOROTHY WILLIAMS            LOUISE WILSON 
                 Please make a phone call, just to let them know, 
"Jesus is alive and well, and He care about each of them"


As society ages, we are more susceptible to the increased risk of Alzheimer's.  Last month information was provided on the warning signs of Alzheimer's, recognizing the signs, and steps that should be taken if needed.  In this posting we will address medical conditions that mimic it; such as memory loss, confusion, and behavioral changes.  There are many conditions that may disrupt memory function but do not always mean an Alzheimer's diagnosis.
1. Bad reaction to certain medication                    2. Emotional problems such as depression    3.Not eating enough healthy foods
 4. Too few vitamins and minerals in your body     5. Drinking too much alcohol                          6.Blood clots or tumors in the brain 
 7. Head injury, such as a concussion from a fall or accident          8.  Kidney, liver or thyroid problems 

These medical conditions should be treated.  Early diagnosis can make life a lot better and alleviate unnecessary worry.  Once you get treatment, your confusion and forgetfulness should go away.

REMEMBER: "God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind".  Our trust is in God, not our circumstances.   
Marie B. Dixon and Minister Geraldine Bryant​, COAACH Lay Health Ambassadors 
(Center for Ootreach in Alzheimer's Aging and Community Health at NCA&T State University............October 2018

       NOVEMBER 18, 2018   9:30 AM


       Background Passage: GENESIS 28:10-22

       Print Passage: GENESIS 28:10-22